A bet is a gamble where you risk something of a certain value, based on certain risks in order to reap a possible profit. The betting procedure consists of a deposit of money or some object of value in function of a contingent event, with the objective of obtaining money or additional goods. Normally, the result thrown by that deposit is made valid shortly thereafter.

The bet consists basically in a prediction between certain ranges of possibilities, which will transform into a greater benefit, with some people usually letting themselves be guided by the predictions that other people do, while others prefer to plan strategies so they can win. The easiest way to bet is between two alternatives, like throwing a coin in the air.

It is believed that the first form of bet documented in the history of mankind goes back to ancient China, around the year 2300 BC. Although it was not just for entertainment. The evidence indicates that the dice were used to decide the fate of the territories, which were wagered to decide which belonged to whom without creating a war.

Betting on a sports team has become one of the most powerful business in the gambling world. From the very beginning people have made bets of all kinds, with horses, greyhounds and sports always being one of the greatest interests. However, since the early 2000s the sudden surge of virtual sportsbooks, offering all sports, became a worldwide phenomenon especially in the European and American countries.