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4 Biggest Sports in Ireland to Bet On

In the world of sports there are always certain countries that stand out more than others in matter of fanatics and other  things, there are multicultural countries and with very diverse sports that have transcended the decades since the beginning of the times. Ireland, is not so different, people from there enjoy a great diversity of activities in daily life.

For the same reason there are also many Irish contributors, so it would be nice to make a recap on sports with more spectators and the ones that are the best to bet on. We have selected the most important sports in Ireland. With our list you can find the most popular sports in Ireland you can bet on.

Gaelic Football

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Gaelic Football, is one of Ireland’s most famous sports, it is an activity where players use their hands and feet to get a soccer ball on the back of the net or on the bar (like a field goal in football).

It is a very dynamic game, with a lot of movement and several skills are needed to play, besides being a unique sport in this country that has many fanatics.


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Rugby is one of the largest mass sports in the world and in Ireland it has followed the same steps, as Irish rugby is probably the best and its national teams have always participated in various world championships.

This is a great sport to bet on, since it moves a lot of money and people, it is very important in the culture of this country and every day has more fanatics.


Golf in Ireland is still one of the most widespread pastimes in the country, people from there are very proud to have this sport, some of the best players are Irish and they leave the name of their country in high.

In addition, the variety of golf courses have excellent quality and millions of professional players have declared themselves fanatics. A massive and very important sport.


Football is the biggest sport in the world, and although it is not the most popular in Ireland it is a sport with many Irish fans that day after day has more popularity. The Irish selection is not too important on the world stage but little by little it has managed to make a name among the biggest teams in Europe with little budget. This sport is a great option to bet as it handles very good numbers in sales.

In short, the best sports to bet on in Ireland are these that we have mentioned. Ireland is a very rich country all over the world, and sports are a fundamental part of their culture, so if you want to make money by betting you should bet on them.

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